premium choice bond investment

IRA's, Individual Accounts, Trusts, and Retirement Plans

We open your account with  a Third-Party  Brokerage Firm. They will be the custodian of your assets with an account set up in your name.

Our  two page contract authorizes Lang Asset Management to invest on your behalf  based on a mutually agreed upon  statement  of investment objectives. 

View your portfolio 24/7 through the broker's website.  Know exactly what bonds  you own: the municipality or state/county issuing the bonds, the dollar amount of your purchase, the credit rating, the interest your earning, and the maturity date. This offers complete transparency. 

Excellent  Service:  We are proud of the personal attention our clients receive and  with direct access to Julie who will answer all questions in the person.  The portfolio is reviewed every day.  Each account is reconciled to the penny every day. Income can be tailored to your needs. Withdraw funds as needed. The bonds we purchase are highly marketable and liquid.

If funds are needed the bonds can be sold, and cash will be available  after settlement which is two business days. 

"Let's Make Sure"

Let 's make sure that your retirement  portfolio meets your needs.  We are glad to review your investment portfolio without charge or obligation.

Call, email or come see us.  We look forward to answering questions about wealth management and explain  how our bond portfolio is one of the safest investments for your nest egg savings. 

Lang Asset Management Inc. is an independent money manager and a Registered  Investment Advisor. Specializing in investment management since 1990.

We strive for Stability,  Liquidity,  Transparency and outstanding Client Service

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(321) 372-7888         Julie Kirkpatrick,  Chartered Financial  Analyst