Established 1990 20 year track record

Established 1990 20 year track record

Established 1990 20 year track record Established 1990 20 year track record Established 1990 20 year track record

Investment Advisor providing  a superior level of safety for our client's assets while helping to rebuild America's cities 



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What We Do

First and foremost our objective is to  provide the maximum level of safety for our client's assets in all market environments while providing transparency, liquidity and diversification with superior customer service.  Secondly, we invest in the United States through the rebuilding of American cities purchasing only the highest rated municipal bonds across the country.

Pay no federal tax on your municipal bond earnings.  This provides an incentive for high-income earners to invest in America, as the higher the investor's tax bracket the greater the  federal tax-free yield.

Historically AAA and AA credit rated (the only bonds we purchase) municipal and corporate bonds have been a low-risk  investment.

We purchase two types of bonds: corporate and municipal.

Bonds pay the bond owner interest on the principal invested until the bond matures or is "called", meaning the issuer matures the bond earlier then the maturity date. Our average maturity is around two-years. When the bond matures the principal is returned and remaining interest is paid. We then purchase new bonds with these proceeds.  


Corporate bonds are issued by corporations to raise capital.  This capital can be used to build manufacturing plants, purchase inventory, or support the many requirements to strengthen the company.


Examples of corporate bonds you would own are Nestle, Walmart,  Johnson and Johnson to name a few.

The majority of corporate bonds we purchase are rated AA.  At this time only two companies have AAA rating Johnson and Johnson and Microsoft Corp.

Municipal bonds are free of federal tax and in most states free of state tax  if the purchaser lives in the state of the bond purchased. Governments issue municipal bonds for building and maintaining the public domain.

There are two types of municipal bonds we purchase: General Obligation and Revenue Bonds.

General Obligation bonds are backed by the taxing ability of the state,  county or city government.

Revenue Bonds are backed by the revenue earned from the government owned utilities,  road-tolls, and many other income producing projects.

We invest only in the top two highest rated municipalities (AAA and AA) throughout the United States.

Municipal bonds are a $2.5 trillion dollar market. They build America's infrastructure.

We purchase individual bonds which allows us to keep the credit-quality high and diversify your holdings. We do not purchase mutual bond funds, and there are no withdrawal fees or lock up periods  owning individual bonds.



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Why We Do It

We are concerned about high debt levels throughout the economy, and its impact of increasing risk for most investments.

  We have  invested the majority of our client's  assets in low-risk fixed income securities using municipal bonds and corporate bonds.


 None of our risk averse clients  participated in the large market declines experienced over the past two decades, but instead they have slowly built  wealth using this conservative approach.

 We are humbled to have the responsibility to invest  your valuable assets and have dedicated our working lives to this cause.


Lang Asset Management History

Lang Asset Management is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor started in 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 2017 Julie moved the business to Indialantic, Florida.

 Formerly Vice President with another asset management firm, Julie also worked for a major brokerage firm and investment consulting company as a financial advisor.

 Julie is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planning  designations. 

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