Established 1990

Specializing in Low Risk Investing

Enhanced Income Premium Fixed Investment


Our commitment to preserving your retirement savings and individual savings demand that we limit your holdings to the highest quality investments. 

We only purchase  individual, municipal bonds or corporate bonds that are rated AAA and AA. We limit maturities to 1-6 years, which reduces risk from rising interest rates.

  We are generating attractive, tax-free yields after fees. This is done with your assets invested in the safest securities possible.  



Balanced Accounts

Bond/ Stock Diversified

Balanced accounts are a way to  diversify your portfolio by holding a combination of municipal bonds and corporate stocks in order to reduce  risk and generate  income, while accruing some long-term gains in the stock  market. 

  Your portfolio will be separately managed with individual bonds and stocks. The percentage of stocks long and/or short stocks will be determined via consultation with the clients.


 The bond portion is managed similarly to our Enhanced Income Portfolio, which owns AAA and AA quality municipal bonds and/or corporate bonds.  A typical balanced portfolio will be well diversified portfolio among equity securities. 


Smart Bear Balanced Accounts

Bear Market

Lang’s Smart Bear Balanced product is for the more aggressive investor, as this product is designed to perform well in any market environment, but especially performs well in a bear market.

 This is done with the majority of the portfolio invested in AAA and AA individual municipal bonds and corporate bonds plus a smaller percentage of the portfolios in "inverse" ETFs.  Inverse ETFs go up in price when the stock markets go down, but conversely will go down in price when markets rise.

 The objective is to profit in a down market, but also provide attractive returns regardless of market direction. We accomplish this objective by limiting the inverse ETF exposure to 15% of the portfolio with the remainder of the portfolio (85%) in the above mentioned fixed securities.