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We believe at Lang Asset Management, Inc. (LAM) that the historic levels of debt throughout our economy and the elevated risks associated with this debt requires us to account for this risk in the management of our clients' valuable assets. This is done through the use of three investment products that we offer, and also by the structure in which our clients' assets are custodied.

All of our clients' portfolios are individually managed, versus being pooled in a hedge fund or mutual fund. This also allows for complete transparency which we believe is of utmost importance in this environment. A client can view their individual holdings 24/7 with a third party custodian, so there is never any question concerning the verification of assets.

LAM, a Registered Investment Adviser (R.I.A.), is an independent privately held money manager, headquartered in Atlanta since 1990. We specialize in custom tailored portfolios for institutions and individuals. We are dedicated to the highest level of client service, and we are able to offer our clients continual access to the firm's principals which results in high levels of personal attention.

Lang Asset Management offers the following products:

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